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Two ways to do the same thing. Almost. React traditionally provided the React.createClass method to create component classes, and released a small syntax sugar update to allow for better use with ES6 modules by extends React.Component , which extends the Component class instead of calling createClass .

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These differences are subtle in places, but have quite a few interesting differences worth exploring, which will allow you to make the best decision for which is best for you.

First, let’s explore the syntax differences by looking at two code examples and annotating them.

Here we have a const with a React class assigned, with the important render function following on to complete a typical base component definition.

Let’s take the above React.createClass definition and convert it to use an ES6 class.

From a JavaScript perspective we’re now using ES6 classes, typically this would be used with something like Babel to compile the ES6 to ES5 to work in other browsers. With this change, we introduce the constructor , where we need to call super() to pass the props to React.Component .

For the React changes, we now create a class called “Contacts” and extend from React.Component instead of accessing React.createClass directly, which uses less React boilerplate and more JavaScript. This is an important change to note further changes this syntax swap brings.

There are important changes in how we use and declare default props, their types and setting initial states, let’s take a look.

In the React.createClass version, the propTypes property is an Object in which we can declare the type for each prop. The getDefaultProps property is a function that returns an Object to create initial props.

In addition, Unitaid today announced four new research grants with the Institut Bouisson Bertrand/National Agency for Research on AIDS and Hepatitis, University of Liverpool, University of New South Wales and Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute (WRHI). These grants will gather evidence on the use of new priority antiretroviral regimens for first and second-line therapy in developing countries.

The new initiatives are the latest in a series of investments by Unitaid to improve treatment for people living with HIV. An earlier project with CHAI brought down prices of second-line antiretroviral therapy by up to 60 per cent and got more people on treatment. Even though 18 million people are currently on treatment, which is double the number five years ago, 1 million people still die of HIV-related illnesses.

About Unitaid

Unitaid finds new and better ways to prevent, test and treat HIV, tuberculosis and malaria quickly and more affordably. It takes game-changing ideas and turns those into practical solutions that can help accelerate the end of the three diseases. Established in 2006 by Brazil, Chile, France, Norway and the United Kingdom, Unitaid plays an important part in the global effort to defeat HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

For more information, please visit:

Follow Unitaid on Twitter and Facebook About Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

About Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

CHAI is a global health organization committed to strengthening integrated health systems and expanding access to care and treatment in the developing world. CHAI’s solution-oriented approach focuses on improving market dynamics for medicines and diagnostics; lowering prices for treatment; accelerating access to lifesaving technologies; and helping governments build the capacity required for high-quality care and treatment programs.

For more information, please visit: Jamin Puech Preowned LEATHER HAND BAG AQKRVrTf

For more information contact:

Andrew Hurst, Unitaid, Tel: +41795616807, VIDA Statement Bag See the Unseen by VIDA LEzEQgs
Regan Lachapelle, CHAI, Tel: + 1857-208-2788,

19 June 2018

Chile’s Marta Maurás to be interim chair of Unitaid Executive Board

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11 June 2018

French ambassador for global health and members of parliament visit Unitaid

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