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Within just a few months of Prosper’s whole loan program launch, nearly two-thirds of their total originations were fully funded before individual investors even had a chance to view them.

While the supply of borrowers is up (more than $280 million in new loans last month ), the demand for peer-to-peer lending is simply growing at a faster pace.

Aside from institutional investors jumping on board, individuals are joining the party in record numbers too. The news of LendingClub’s profitability and Prosper’s latest round of venture capital has made the investment vehicle seem less risky.

So what’s the impact of all of this for the current and aspiring individual peer-to-peer lending investor?

Because there are more investors, fewer notes will be available that fit your target risk profile. That means you might have to invest more on a per-note basis in order to keep your cash in use.

As the notes with the highest performance profile are snatched up before hitting the open market, or within seconds of being listed, regular investors are relegated to a less attractive portfolio.

Another component of lowered expected returns is an excess of idle cash. If you aren’t comfortable with increasing your invested amount per loan, and can’t find enough loans to invest in, you’ll be sitting on cash in your account earning 0%.

With several prominent individual investors championing peer-to-peer lending as a place to find 10 to 15% returns, monthly cash flow, and diversification from your stock market portfolio, it’s no wonder that demand is outstripping supply.

The value proposition of peer-to-peer lending may have been more lucrative in the past, but the popularity and stability are certainly positive signs for the future. The marketplaces are becoming more efficient as more historical performance data accumulates, and investors large and small can build a portfolio of notes that suits their needs.

The days of such heady returns may be numbered, but peer-to-peer lending can still be a great cash-flowing addition to your portfolio.

Do you do peer-to-peer lending? Do you buy whole notes or fractional notes? Does it bother you that big banks are getting in on the action in record numbers?

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“Hey, Big Head ... ”

I swear, I will never again hear those words without thinking of my new favorite Instagram tribute account, Maison Martin Margiela Martin Margiela Black Saddle Sac 1998 9DruJ
. Since 2016, a 19-year old Italian member of Rih’s Navy simply known as “Lucia” has devoted her spare time to using PicsArt to alter pics of her idol, Rihanna, to resemble a Bratz doll. The results are surprisingly entertaining.

Now, why Lucia would want to do this is anyone’s guess, but she’s definitely a devoted fan, as she Salvatore Ferragamo Top Handle Handbag On Sale Sofia Asphalt Grey Leather 2017 one size rkcF2haQC
: “The thing I like to do is to put some Rihanna music on, and then start doing my edits.” And apparently, her dedication has paid off—with a follow from Rihanna herself (Lucia has marked the date, June 4, 2017, in her bio).

“That’s the best notification I could ever receive in my whole life,” she told Babe. “I still think she sees all my pictures.”

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t go down a bit of a wormhole looking at all of Lucia’s big-headed reinterpretations of our favorite bad gyal. It was both a welcome chuckle in the middle of an otherwise busy workday, and weirdly meditative.

Of course, Lucia’s not the only Instagram user altering the looks of her faves; Beyoncé fan page Fattyonce reimagines Queen Bey as a plus-sized goddess, saying, “Beyoncé reigns on us all, no matter her shape.”

True ... though I think we all know Bey works pretty hard on that bod, especially after three kids. No word on if she’s a fan of her far-thicker alter ego, but since no cease and desist orders seem to have reached the Fattyonce page, we’re guessing the Queen is taking it in the body-positive spirit with which it was intended.

About the author

Maiysha Kai

Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door. Minneapolis born, Chicago bred, New York built. Nuance is my superpower.

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Sunday, 1st July
Sunday, 1st July


Golden Years Golden Century is a Chinatown institution

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“I used to do my homework at the back table,” says Billy Wong of Golden Century, the Chinatown institution that his parents Eric and Linda Wong originally opened in 1989.

Eric, Linda and Billy Wong outside Golden Century in Chinatown, Sydney. Photography by Nick Gascoine

It may be famous for its wall of seafood tanks and democratic roll call of diners – from shift workers taking advantage of the 4am closing time to high-profile celebrities requiring a security detail (from former US President George Bush Sr to Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco) – but its beginnings were incredibly humble.

“It was hard work,” says Billy, who was five when his parents took over the business – they’d just arrived from Hong Kong,not knowing Sydney, Australia or any English. “They used to start in the morning, dad would go to the car and sleep for a few hours, then wake up again, do the night shift and finish at four in the morning.”

The menu of 200+ Cantonese dishes has stayed near-identical since 1989 (“there’s a dish that’s sweetcorn, chicken and rice, and that’s what I used to eat all the time as a kid”) and even has fans who’ve considered whether it’s worth facing a security threat to consume Golden Century’s food. Of course it is, but Chinese President Xi Jinping didn’t leave anything to chance, with Golden Century catering directly at his hotel when he visited Sydney in 2014, while Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco “had federal police and bodyguards around her” when she dined at Golden Century one Chinese New Year. She even joined in the celebrations – interacting with the performing lion dancers. In fact, she asked if the lion dancer could surprise her son at her hotel. They ferried the costume to her suite straight after – it’s possibly the team’s most unorthodox delivery.

The kitchen at Golden Century in Chinatown, Sydney. Photography by Nick Gascoine

Golden Century’s late hours have made it a popular after-work spot for chefs – a fact the restaurant honoured last year at Midnight Feast, an event where legendary chefs (such as Neil Perry and Peter Gilmore) and young guns (like Dan Hong and Mitch Orr) presented their favourite dishes from the menu and spoke of their personal connection to the food. Belles Hot Chicken’s Morgan McGlone talked about how the hot pot of braised brisket, turnip and tendon reminded him of his late friend Dave Gumbleton, former head chef of Tetsuya’s. “We spent many many nights eating at Golden Century circa 1998-2001. I still order the dish.”

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